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What happened before ...

Beeing busy is a bad excuse to not posting anything – but that's exactly what happened since I had to prepare a whole seminar for the upcoming teaching at China Academy of Arts. That whole thing I'll cover in the next blog entry.

Meanwhile – besides working on the university topic – I had a quick stint at Korea, supervising media tech for the UAE pavilion for EXPO 2012 Yeosu. I didn't see it in final full operation but heard that it's quiet a success which I guess is much to thank Florian Behrend of Exponential Group for. He tirelessly pushed the whole construction and production forward. 

Besides a lot of pitches and the launch of Porsche 911 in the China market we developed one really interesting interactive project for MB Sprinter – an interactive safety center I designed for the GZ auto show – featuring broad use of the Kinect controller and a lot of nice and intelligent coding based on Unity 3D driven by our (new) creative technologist Christian Rishøj. 

Some Work in Progress picts from both projects. I will link the result pics once our new website is up on luxoom.com.