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Cars, cars, cars ...

There is a saying that reputation sticks – we seem to have a great one for automotive shows. A big one went live recently – the 21st century Beetle China Launch @ Shanghai – presumably VW's biggest launch of the year in the China market. The content production was a true marathon – but gave some cool results – thanks to the team! Rocking the Beetle live!

Before heading back to Germany for some well deserved holidays I had a stop-over at Beijing, directing the Porsche Boxster Beijing Launch in coop with the team of Avantgarde Beijing – nice team effort, happy to work with you guys! 

I love cars – but honestly speaking, would love also to work on luxury and fashion goods again, too. Any?


Lecture on Mediatecture

Last Thursday I started my new lecture on 'mediatecture' with 150 students from China Academy of Arts in Shanghai – thanks to everyone who was involved in making that happen, especially to YuTian for the opportunity, to Shephie and Vivian for all the translating and to Karsten for the photos.

Mediatecture – an inpedependent field of work in digital design. The lecture is also an important preparatory work to the book on mediatecture I'm actually working on together with Andrea Rostásy.

The lecture discusses where historically mediatecture is coming from and where the field is moving to, how mediatecture can be used for brand experiences, categorization of synchronous and asynchronous mediatecture, ergonomics and design standards as well as work tools and processes.


Vivian and Joost on our mutual Shanghai office table – @the big city.


MB A-Class stage design

Did some nice stage design together with Avantgarde Beijing for the upcoming launch – thx to John on Maya!


Working on Mediamarkt @ Expo 2010


Getting the projectors and LCDs adjusted for the Mediamarkt expo presence was quiet a challenge, however one thing we learned that was not connected to our daily troubles with watchout, medialon & Co.: you can match the right Mediamarkt red color even mixing it in one's helmet ... welcome to China!

(Finals of the project on our luxoom webpage)


MB AMG SLS China debut stage design

A pitty the event never took place, the whole stage design would have been wonderful. Attached some of the 3D pre-viz – thanks to Oren for his magic Maya work.


Moving plasmas for MINI Cooper S

The MINI Cooper S Launch became pretty renowned, due to it was held in race pits and the design had to fit literally 'in a garage'. It's a very nice example how good math and CAD work paired with creative 'know-how-to' can do a very very pretty show. First it's a flat arrangement of plasma screen, then it opens up to become a kaleidoscopic experience and at the end the audience can walk through the setup to see the engine exhibit. Got some plan work for you:

Viewing Angle testing in 3D CADMedia hanging & orientation plan

and here some frame grabs from the actual show docu (see the floor for the nice reflections):