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Teaching Digital Media Design at China Academy of Arts 

Finally the cooperation with the China Academy of Arts started. As a honorary professor of the Shanghai Institute of Design I was teaching for three weeks of block seminar an introduction to digital media design at the newly established department of Digital Publishing and Display. Tough work, great fun and very nice students. A big thanks to all the departments' teachers (especially Yutian!) who are making this cooperation happen and a big thanks to my long year colleague Vivian for many hours of tireless translation. Thanks also to Lee Zhengming and Fernando Cabestany for their guest presentations. While writing those lines my students are doing their exams and let's hope the results will be as good as these three weeks went.

For all the students: You can find a review of all the contents in the CAA study materials section right hand side.


2010 Shandong lecture – blog entry

I got notice (thanks Christian!) that there is a (Chinese) blog entry on my guest lecture at Jinan University in the year 2010. That was a huge lecture with 500+ students. Mr. Bochen put two pictures up and thanks for the nice comment!


China SMB business lecture at UdK Berlin

Originally I didn't have any documentation of that lecture but now – after quite some months Mrs. Hagmann Steinbach was so nice to send me some pictures ... I did a speech about establishing a Small Business Design Enterprise in the China Market at 'Leadership in Digital Communication' studies run by Prof. Dieter Georg Herbst which was big fun. What a nice audience!


Lecture on Mediatecture

Last Thursday I started my new lecture on 'mediatecture' with 150 students from China Academy of Arts in Shanghai – thanks to everyone who was involved in making that happen, especially to YuTian for the opportunity, to Shephie and Vivian for all the translating and to Karsten for the photos.

Mediatecture – an inpedependent field of work in digital design. The lecture is also an important preparatory work to the book on mediatecture I'm actually working on together with Andrea Rostásy.

The lecture discusses where historically mediatecture is coming from and where the field is moving to, how mediatecture can be used for brand experiences, categorization of synchronous and asynchronous mediatecture, ergonomics and design standards as well as work tools and processes.