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Cars, cars, cars ...

There is a saying that reputation sticks – we seem to have a great one for automotive shows. A big one went live recently – the 21st century Beetle China Launch @ Shanghai – presumably VW's biggest launch of the year in the China market. The content production was a true marathon – but gave some cool results – thanks to the team! Rocking the Beetle live!

Before heading back to Germany for some well deserved holidays I had a stop-over at Beijing, directing the Porsche Boxster Beijing Launch in coop with the team of Avantgarde Beijing – nice team effort, happy to work with you guys! 

I love cars – but honestly speaking, would love also to work on luxury and fashion goods again, too. Any?


Producing a full 3D-matching show for new MB C-Class in China

... we made a Beijing Marco Polo Parkside Hotel Suite our PostPro and Design office, with Master Li and Hean back in the team as well as Echo and Pietro. The result was a huge success!

Added some shots of the show:


Shooting China MB A-Class launch movie

Directing the MB A-Class China Launchfilm – with Gianpaolo (DOP) and Christian at Beijing. Red One.


Panamera Launch preparations at Beijing

For the Porsche Panamera Launch at Beijing we created part of a plane > the view is out of the loading hatch onto the catwalk. Yannick and Oren did a great film of the 3D plane landing ... goose-pimples!

Some Chinese visitors filmed the event: youku-film