MB AMG SLS China debut stage design

A pitty the event never took place, the whole stage design would have been wonderful. Attached some of the 3D pre-viz – thanks to Oren for his magic Maya work.


Panamera Launch preparations at Beijing

For the Porsche Panamera Launch at Beijing we created part of a plane > the view is out of the loading hatch onto the catwalk. Yannick and Oren did a great film of the 3D plane landing ... goose-pimples!

Some Chinese visitors filmed the event: youku-film


Moving plasmas for MINI Cooper S

The MINI Cooper S Launch became pretty renowned, due to it was held in race pits and the design had to fit literally 'in a garage'. It's a very nice example how good math and CAD work paired with creative 'know-how-to' can do a very very pretty show. First it's a flat arrangement of plasma screen, then it opens up to become a kaleidoscopic experience and at the end the audience can walk through the setup to see the engine exhibit. Got some plan work for you:

Viewing Angle testing in 3D CADMedia hanging & orientation plan

and here some frame grabs from the actual show docu (see the floor for the nice reflections):

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