Mediatecture for Evoque Launch

(Now that's been already some days since ..) For the new Range Rover Evoque China Launch in Shenzhen I had the lead in interior design, creating an artgallery like space with media installations. A white band winds around the visitor way, therefor the whole thing was called 'the loop'. Two of the installations are interactive: the green sustainability wall (realized using Unity3D) and a very artsy sculpture consisting of 20 iPADs. 

Besides we did a matching projection on the Evoque, with my two colleagues Fernando and Yannick in the lead.



Lecture on Mediatecture

Last Thursday I started my new lecture on 'mediatecture' with 150 students from China Academy of Arts in Shanghai – thanks to everyone who was involved in making that happen, especially to YuTian for the opportunity, to Shephie and Vivian for all the translating and to Karsten for the photos.

Mediatecture – an inpedependent field of work in digital design. The lecture is also an important preparatory work to the book on mediatecture I'm actually working on together with Andrea Rostásy.

The lecture discusses where historically mediatecture is coming from and where the field is moving to, how mediatecture can be used for brand experiences, categorization of synchronous and asynchronous mediatecture, ergonomics and design standards as well as work tools and processes.



Back at Picnic, this year at (cold, windy & makeshift) NDSM Wharf venue @Amsterdam. Looking forward to three days of creative networking.


Producing a full 3D-matching show for new MB C-Class in China

... we made a Beijing Marco Polo Parkside Hotel Suite our PostPro and Design office, with Master Li and Hean back in the team as well as Echo and Pietro. The result was a huge success!

Added some shots of the show:


Shooting UD Trucks in South Africa

... together with Frank (DOP), Nami (Sound) and Smiley (Hands) at South Africa for three days shooting mining and trucks in Limpopo Province. Great Landscape and great people!

Sony HDW-700 & Canon 5D


Research: Interactive Dance

I love interactive dance performances. For a research I'm looking for more examples ... you know other ones that are cool? Please share your knowledge with me!

The performances I already found (and think they're great):

Body Navigation (8 min. trailer) from ole kristensen on Vimeo.


FROST from Tina Tarpgaard on Vimeo.


White Noise by Amy Seiwert.


Chunky Move's Mortal Engine from valentinsilin on Vimeo.


F**K You Buddy from Tina Tarpgaard on Vimeo.


In the archives ...

Browsing our archives for some Hannover Messe job I re-discovered some timelapse-film shots we once took for Siemens exiderdome ... they were done with 3 synchronized Nikon D2x cameras and are about 10k pixels wide ... beautiful footage, much to nice to rot in the archives. Here two (reduced) frames, one from a sunset over Tokyo's rainbow bridge, the other one a sunrise at the Great Wall of China.



... don't get confused >> there are some entries that are actually older >> in the process of reposting them to make them available.

Just realized: wow, this job will take some days, so visit frequently and scroll back in time to find updates from the past.


Shooting China MB A-Class launch movie

Directing the MB A-Class China Launchfilm – with Gianpaolo (DOP) and Christian at Beijing. Red One.


Picnic 2010


3 days @ Picnic 2010 – not as good as 2009 but still a great source of inspiration.