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2014 starts with near East

While already 2012 and 2013 took me to places like Baku and Ashgabat –– 2014 started with the first 'real projects' in the region. A first project in Abu Dhabi on the WFES'14 for EXPO 2017 Astana brought the team to the Middle East – Shawn from Shangai, Christian from Denmark (or was it Thailand?) and myself from Berlin to deliver creative and interactives – besides motion design, a signature iPad-mosaic and interactives built in VENTUZ, we for the first time engaged visitors playing live in their own 3D-movie that was then shared via the EXPO 2017 website –– very cool result, thanks to the team behind Shawn (and Martin's efforts in Paris to design cool 3D objs). Success!

Not much later we headed with a bigger team to Sochi, to work on the Winter Olympics and Paralympics –– Sarah, Sven, Till, Pietro and Trolly joined in with our small Abu Dhabi luxoom travel group - to install interactive photobooths but first of all to produce a large Medal Show. That one consisted of a heap of motion design and a complex VENTUZ application with live-Olympic-Data-Feed. A big thanks to everyone, who was involved to make it happen and a special thanks to Christian for getting the ODF Feed under control with a 'magic' Ruby script.

More result photos and films on both projects on the luxoom website.

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