chromaflux is the blog and portfolio of Tobias Sievers – director, designer for mediatecture, shows
& stages, concept & creative mind – creative director at luxoom Shanghai / Berlin & associate 
professor for digital media design
at the China Academy of Arts: Shanghai Institute of Design


CV education & teaching ––

2003       Diploma of Social and Economic Communications at University of Fine Arts Berlin 

2007/5      Panel speaker for St. Gallen Univ. MBE Explorer Shanghai

2008/12    Guest lecture on multimedia & show design @ Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai

2009         Guest lecture on media design & projects @ Sino-British College, Shanghai

2010/4      Guest lecture on media design for live communications @ Jinan University, Shandong

2011/9     Speech about SMB-design entrepreneurship in China @ LDK alumni event UdK, Berlin

2011/11   Guest lecture on mediatecture @ China Academy of Arts, Shanghai

2012 -     Associate Professor for Digital Media Design @ CAA: Shanghai Institute of Design, Shanghai

2013 - Lecturer for Audiovisual Communications @ LDK Master, UdK Berlin & Univ St. Gallen 

upcoming:  Working on a book on 'Mediatecture' together with A. Rostásy 


CV work life --

2000 - 04   Head of concept for luxoom mediaprojects Berlin

2005           Co-Founder of luxoom design Shanghai

2005 - 10    Managing Partner and Creative Director @ luxoom Shanghai

2011 -         Executive Creative Director and Partner @ luxoom Berlin & Shanghai

2012 -     Chief Creative Director @ Exponential Group


Topics (lectures, speeches, ...) --

Mediatecture – how digital media design leaves the standard formats

GOD 2.0 – digital (co-)creation of a new reality layer

The Digital Media Design Process – between creativity and management

Emotions & Shareability – how to design highly shareable commercial communications


to follow --

Twitter: tobistobi

facebook: tobistobi