2014 starts with near East

While already 2012 and 2013 took me to places like Baku and Ashgabat –– 2014 started with the first 'real projects' in the region. A first project in Abu Dhabi on the WFES'14 for EXPO 2017 Astana brought the team to the Middle East – Shawn from Shangai, Christian from Denmark (or was it Thailand?) and myself from Berlin to deliver creative and interactives – besides motion design, a signature iPad-mosaic and interactives built in VENTUZ, we for the first time engaged visitors playing live in their own 3D-movie that was then shared via the EXPO 2017 website –– very cool result, thanks to the team behind Shawn (and Martin's efforts in Paris to design cool 3D objs). Success!

Not much later we headed with a bigger team to Sochi, to work on the Winter Olympics and Paralympics –– Sarah, Sven, Till, Pietro and Trolly joined in with our small Abu Dhabi luxoom travel group - to install interactive photobooths but first of all to produce a large Medal Show. That one consisted of a heap of motion design and a complex VENTUZ application with live-Olympic-Data-Feed. A big thanks to everyone, who was involved to make it happen and a special thanks to Christian for getting the ODF Feed under control with a 'magic' Ruby script.

More result photos and films on both projects on the luxoom website.


Teaching further West

Can do! Despite a huge load of preparations that kept me busy end of 2013, two and a half days of seminar on Audio-visual communications went like a breeze with the students of Leadership in digital communciations, a combined Berlin University of the Arts and University St. Gallen master.

In the preparations I finally had time to research on the link of emotion and shareability of media –– a question that caught my interest already earlier but I never had time to dive in. Super-interesting (from my humble point of view ...). A topic definitely to be taken further into details. 

Link zum Studiengang


A new year of CAA students

Teaching at the Shanghai Institute of Design this year was great fun – seemingly not only for me but heard from the students that they'd love to have the course continue – won't take that too serious. Exams are done and time to thank Shephie fo the translation and help as well as Julia for joining ... and yes, Henning, for giving insights on production. Already looking forward to 2014!


Filming Tank Terminal at Antwerp

A nice diversion from the car topics – directing a reference Film for Siemens Industry Sector at Sea-Tank Terminal at Antwerp, Belgium. Besides being simply a very nice shot incl. helicopter aerials, everyone here is extremely helpful – a big thanks to Sea-Tank and Siemens staff (especially Frederik!) and also Steven from Make-it-visible. And, yes, Oli is DOP (first time after our many good jobs in China) and Michael mans the photo camera (great shots!) – and Sarah's first job in our team – welcome! Some making of shots:


Cars, cars, cars ...

There is a saying that reputation sticks – we seem to have a great one for automotive shows. A big one went live recently – the 21st century Beetle China Launch @ Shanghai – presumably VW's biggest launch of the year in the China market. The content production was a true marathon – but gave some cool results – thanks to the team! Rocking the Beetle live!

Before heading back to Germany for some well deserved holidays I had a stop-over at Beijing, directing the Porsche Boxster Beijing Launch in coop with the team of Avantgarde Beijing – nice team effort, happy to work with you guys! 

I love cars – but honestly speaking, would love also to work on luxury and fashion goods again, too. Any?



After many weeks of work and also finally some holidays I find time to look back on the highlights of this summer. Actually the most impressive art highlight took place in my home town Kassel – the dOCUMENTA(13). Two days of many positive surprises, endless inspiration and many kilometers of foot walks from one venue to the next – it was worthwhile. Though the most impressive work to me was from an artist who I'm already following a long time – William Kentridge's The Refusal of Time (2012) gave me a fascinating half hour of experience. I add some photos from the big contemporary art event and start counting the days until in five years documenta 14 will start.

Ryan Gander - The invisible Pull, 2012Goshka Macuka – Of what is, that it is; of what is not, that it is not, 2012

Susan Hiller – Die Gedanken sind frei, 2012Geoffrey Farmer – Leaves of Grass, 2012in the context of works of David LinkYan Lei – Limited Art Project, 2011-12Bani Abidi – Death at a 30 Degree Angle, 2012William Kentridge – The Refusal of Time, 2012



Teaching Digital Media Design at China Academy of Arts 

Finally the cooperation with the China Academy of Arts started. As a honorary professor of the Shanghai Institute of Design I was teaching for three weeks of block seminar an introduction to digital media design at the newly established department of Digital Publishing and Display. Tough work, great fun and very nice students. A big thanks to all the departments' teachers (especially Yutian!) who are making this cooperation happen and a big thanks to my long year colleague Vivian for many hours of tireless translation. Thanks also to Lee Zhengming and Fernando Cabestany for their guest presentations. While writing those lines my students are doing their exams and let's hope the results will be as good as these three weeks went.

For all the students: You can find a review of all the contents in the CAA study materials section right hand side.


2010 Shandong lecture – blog entry

I got notice (thanks Christian!) that there is a (Chinese) blog entry on my guest lecture at Jinan University in the year 2010. That was a huge lecture with 500+ students. Mr. Bochen put two pictures up and thanks for the nice comment!


What happened before ...

Beeing busy is a bad excuse to not posting anything – but that's exactly what happened since I had to prepare a whole seminar for the upcoming teaching at China Academy of Arts. That whole thing I'll cover in the next blog entry.

Meanwhile – besides working on the university topic – I had a quick stint at Korea, supervising media tech for the UAE pavilion for EXPO 2012 Yeosu. I didn't see it in final full operation but heard that it's quiet a success which I guess is much to thank Florian Behrend of Exponential Group for. He tirelessly pushed the whole construction and production forward. 

Besides a lot of pitches and the launch of Porsche 911 in the China market we developed one really interesting interactive project for MB Sprinter – an interactive safety center I designed for the GZ auto show – featuring broad use of the Kinect controller and a lot of nice and intelligent coding based on Unity 3D driven by our (new) creative technologist Christian Rishøj. 

Some Work in Progress picts from both projects. I will link the result pics once our new website is up on


China SMB business lecture at UdK Berlin

Originally I didn't have any documentation of that lecture but now – after quite some months Mrs. Hagmann Steinbach was so nice to send me some pictures ... I did a speech about establishing a Small Business Design Enterprise in the China Market at 'Leadership in Digital Communication' studies run by Prof. Dieter Georg Herbst which was big fun. What a nice audience!